Feb 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

Why Hello Mr. Beckham

Athletes Recreate Famous Album Covers


Taissa Farmiga Returning to AHS Season 3


It is official  the awesome daughter from season one of American Horror Story is returning for season 3. I found the second season to be good but a bit off so I’m interested in where they’re going with season 3. 


A tracklist for Justin Timberlake’s new album. I don’t know if this is official or not but I’m interested in it either way. I personally cannot stand Suit & Tie and I’ve tried extremely hard to like it so I’m hoping for the album to be good.

This blog post from Wednesday. I rarely brag about my own posts but I loved this post and loved all the talks it inspired around me on Facebook/Twitter.

This Buzzfeed List PROVING that Texas really is Utopia. 

Buzzfeed released the most amazing list of 50 reasons TX is perfect and I must admit, they are hard to argue with! Ha. Here are a few gems.

And lastly All the NYFW tweets and pics rolling in! 



Pics via Tom and Lorenzo

If you click that NYFW link at the top it will bring up all the tags on Twitter and there are a TON of links to articles, pictures, tweets etc… I love that NYFW is still going on despite the looming blizzard. Stay safe and warm NYC!