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I'm Brittany; blogger, avid reader, and Ryan Gosling enthusiast. Brit Brit Land is the dream world that encompasses the fantasy world I live in. I share images of fashion and street style I love, quotes that speak to me, and the occasional blog post to share my feelings. You can find all my blog posts on the side of the page under "written posts". Brit Brit Land is the place where all the random things I love can be found, enjoy!
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Just wanted to say a quick hey to my new followers! So heyyyyyy! I’m glad you found the blog and you like it! I pretty much stick to pictures of clothes/accessories I lust after (but can’t afford…YET!), hot guys, fashionable kids, literary quotes, the occasional Beyonce gif, and essays/blog posts about my life! If you want to read any of those posts just search blogs/blogging! 

Oh and on Mondays I recap Girls episodes, because Girls is amazing, duh. Thanks for following!!!