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Girls S02:Episode 04 It’s A Shame About Ray


*This episode was an early premiere so I actually watched it Monday of this past week and have seen it about 5 times since then! Very smart of HBO to air it early on HBOGO and HBO because obviously everyone was watching the Super Bowl Beyonce concert on Sunday!

We open with Elijah moving out of the apartment. Can I just say, NOOOOOOO!!!!! I really hope that we still will have some Elijah on the show!? I love his character so much! Anyway, Elijah has actually agreed to move out and in this divorce of friendship/ex boyfriendship we learn that George, Elijah’s ex, has given all the stuff he “paid for…which is everything” to Hannah. So now Hannah has a bunch of fancy new stuff and no roommate. Sad day, I’ll miss you Elijah.


Next we join Jessa and Thomas John and apparently now that they’ve had a secret wedding and honeymoon far away it’s time for Jessa to meet the parents. Jessa is less than thrilled about meeting Thomas John’s parents so we know this is going to be good. Meanwhile at Casa de Hannah but NO Elijah, Hannah is cooking pad thai for everyone and celebrating her piece being published for the magazine. I assume it’s the piece about her fun night out doing cocaine! She’s invited Marnie’s ex and his new girlfriend and Marnie but she assumes Marnie won’t come…and since this is Girls, Marnie obviously shows up.

We then quickly go back to Thomas John, who is dragging Jessa to the restaurant to meet his parents because they’re late thanks to a little “flirting” from Jessa. And by flirting I really mean she pulled out one of her breasts and seduced him. Seriously, I love this show. And just like that we’re back at dinner at Hannah’s. FINALLY Shoshana and Ray show up to the dinner party and Shoshana goes on and on with this elaborate story, that only Shoshana could come up with, about why they were late. I love her, she’s adorable and sweet and I just want to hug her. Anyway, Ray quickly informs everyone they’re late because they had sex. Ha. At which point Shoshana goes: “I’m so sorry I totally lied to you all”, GOD I love her.


*still doing a horrible job of hiding Jessa’s pregnancy

We quickly check in with the parents, Jessa and Thomas John who have an awkward first meeting and then head back to the dinner party of fun. The gang is of course discussing sex and there’s a fun moment where Hannah has to explain what a butt plug is and why someone would use one to Shoshana. This leads to an awkward encounter between Marnie and Charlie’s new girl (her name escapes me). The new girl finally calls Marnie out for randomly showing up everywhere her ex is and the infamous night she showed up at his house and asked him to hold her; awkward…

Marnie finally demands that Hannah picks who leave at which point Hannah refuses and says Charlie can pick who leaves and Marnie storms out! And OF COURSE, Charlie goes after her. Hannah, while trying to keep the conversation going, asks Ray if he’s still staying at his old place at which point Shoshana realizes, Ray lives with her and screams “oh my God do you live with me?!”. 


On the other side of town awkward meet the parents night keeps going on with with Jessa, Thomas John, and his folks and Thomas John’s mother is obviously not a fan of Jessa. It probably doesn’t help that Jessa, the lovely and obviously my favorite Jessa, is being completely honest with his parents about her life. This also includes a story about her going to rehab for heroin. Oh Jessa… You can obviously tell that Thomas John is uncomfortable because he is realizing he knows nothing about Jessa and that his mother pretty much thinks she’s a golddigger.

Back at the now kind of awkward but still fun dinner party Charlie is on the roof with Marnie talking to her about how his ex girlfriend is intimidated by Marnie. Oh please. Maybe she’s just annoyed that her boyfriend let his ex come over and spooned with her. And after this stupid heart to heart Charlie tries to kiss Marnie and she tells him she can’t because she’s seeing someone…Booth Jonathan. Sigh. Why?!?! Charlie returns to the party to discover Audra (that’s the new girl’s name!!) has left because duh, you leave when your boyfriend runs after his ex.  And during all of this mess we see that Shoshana is still having a problem with the fact that she lives with Ray.


Shoshana and Ray are off doing their own thing and in the midst of their drama Charlie starts ranting about Marnie and calls her a C U Next Tuesday and our girl Hannah ain’t having that! Yes. Thank you! I mean Marnie can be annoying but Charlie is not innocent in all of this and kind of a jerk to Audra and just because you’re mad at your BFF doesn’t mean you go around letting boys call her a C U Next Tuesday! While Hannah is letting Charlie have it Jessa and Thomas John are back home and they are having an epic, brutal, sad fight. I mean the kind of fight where you can’t take things back once you’ve said them, fight.

I can’t go through all of this fight because I kind of liked them together.  The gist of the fight is Jessa telling Thomas John he’s a loser and has been his whole life and that he disgusts her, at one point she actually says “I’m embarrassed when we walk down the street together because you’re so fucking average”. Thomas John basically responds by telling Jessa she’s the worst mistake he’s ever made. More things are yelled, Thomas John calls Jessa a whore, Jessa punches him and breaks things, and they end with Thomas John offering money to Jessa for her to leave.


After that epic fight we meet up with Shoshana and Ray waiting on the subway and get one of the most heartfelt scenes of the series. Shoshana is just trying to process everything about her and Ray and why he doesn’t have more goals and things to do seeing as how he’s so much older than her. Ray snaps and yells “Just say it, say I’m a f*cking loser” and asks her what makes him worth dating to which she replies “because I’m falling in love with you” and then Ray replies “That’s a crazy thing to say, it’s way too early to say that” and then Shoshana apologizes and then ray says the best thing ever right as the subway is going by…”I love you so fucking much”. That is perfect writing right there people. That is a real conversation between two real people. That was brilliant.

And then, when I didn’t think this show or this episode could get anymore brilliant and wonderful and real, Hannah is in the bathtub singing “Wonderwall”. OK, I have to tell y’all that “Wonderwall” is my song. It has always been my song. It will always be my song. And there have been moments where shows have used and it and gotten it so right, like The O.C. but the way it was used in this scene of Girls was perfect; simply perfect. Hannah is singing this to herself and Jessa walks in crying and gets in the tub with her. Hannah as well as the audience is confused as to what the hell is going on because we don’t really get any information from Jessa about what happened and in the midst of Jessa’s crying she snots into the bathtub grossing out both Hannah and myself. Then Hannah responds with “I’m sorry you’re upset but that is so gross, I pee in every bathtub I get in and even I wouldn’t do that”. The two start laughing and pushing the snot back and forth and “Wonderwall” starts playing again in the background.  We hear Hannah saying “I love you, I’m sorry you’re upset now get it away from me” and the episode ends.


Overall Feelings After the Episode

FREAKING A I love this show. There has a been a lot of talk lately about Girls not being real etc… and while there are some things that could be changed (namely the lack of color on the show), it’s real. There is a real generation of people out there that are like this. That have silly little problems that they think are a big freaking deal, that talk incessantly about nonsense, that have fun, that can be vapid and also deeply thought provoking, that are these Girls. I’m a little older than the Girls on the show but I get it and I relate to it and I can see so much of myself in different scenes and different characters. I think a lot of older people have the privilege of forgetting what it was like in their 20s and of also not being in their mid 20s during this time. So yes, I think Girls is real, authentic, amazing, and well written. And this episode was lovely. It was such an opposition to the fun and craziness of the last episode and the Shoshana and Ray moment almost made me cry. That was such a real moment. Sometimes you don’t know why the hell you’re with someone except for the fact that you think you could maybe be falling in love with them and that’s enough. And the use of “Wonderwall”, yes; absolutely yes.



“I’m gonna sit on this chair all day, as much as a like, vagina back and forth.”- Hannah

“Basically I paid for all of your burritos junior year and they were way more expensive than a normal f*cking girls burrito because you were always doing add-ons.” Elijah

“I can’t even eat meat unless I’m menstruating”- Jessa

“So where do you get your headbands?” Marnie to her ex’s new girl

“I hate this restaurant but I don’t even care because I’m so happy to meet you guys”- Jessa

“I just don’t think people should do anything they’re uncomfortable with especially when it comes to sex”- Marnie “Yes Marnie, that’s the principle behind not raping people”- Hannah

“Oh she’s too self-involved to commit suicide”- Hannah on Marnie

“I never shot it, I always snorted”- Jessa on her heroin use.

“That little ewok in fucking capri pants?”- Charlie on Booth Jonathan

“Nothing Bundt trouble?”- Hannah while eating a Nothing Bundt Cake, cake. Lololol

“You know the year she’s had. First you guys break up, then her dad loses his job, then she loses her job, then she has sex with a gay man, and then she has to come over here and deal with your needs and your wants”- Hannah to Charlie

“I’m the miracle, I’m a unicorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”- Thomas John

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