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Is This What it is Like to be Taylor Swift?


OK, I’m a writer. I write things. I write stories. I write essays. I write rants. I write blogs. I’ve done this since I was in elementary school when I was writing books and other nonsense that only creating/socially awkward children can write. This is part of my makeup, it is part of Brittany, and I cannot change it! And like most people who write, I am inspired by people/places/things around me. This has never been a problem for me, until now. I’ve recently been writing more and more posts about boyfriends and friends and I feel like it’s starting to bug them and I’m in this awkward place of feeling bad about that but also not willing to apologize for being who I am.

I feel as though people who date Taylor Swift know what Taylor Swift is about. You know that if you make her happy she’ll write a love song about you, if you steal her boyfriend she’ll write a moderately bitchy song about you, if you break her heart, well… see “Dear John”. You know what’s going to happen when you date her, you know she is going to write a song about you, and you should know that the world will probably love it and play it to death because she’s an amazing songwriter. No, I’m not saying I’m as great as Taylor Swift but I am saying; you should know that this is what writers do.

We write out our feelings. Sometimes we write out our feelings and keep them to ourselves, sometimes we put them in books, sometimes we put them in songs, sometimes we put them in shows (think Girls), and if you happen to be a blogger, like myself, sometimes you put them in a blog post. I write to think through things, I write to get opinions on things I’m confused about, I write to rant and get things off my chest, sometimes I write to see if what I’m feeling is completely irrational and silly, and sometimes I write because I know that someone reading it will get it, even if it’s only one person, they will get it.

So to the people in my life who end up in my posts, I get if it makes you feel uncomfortable but you need to get that this is me. I don’t go out of my way to write anything negatively about y’all but you occasionally inspire an idea that I’d like to get feedback on. You make me go “hmmmm, that’s interesting” or “I wonder if other people think this way” and I will write about you. In terms of Taylor Swift speak I feel like I’m writing more “Begin Again" and "Our Song" type posts than "Dear John" and "Mean" type posts but still, I get that you may not always want to be in a blog post. I get it, I understand it, I will make note of it, and actually try to limit the amount of times I write about you or write something that was inspired by you. However, in return, you need to understand that this is me, I write about my life, you are a part of my life and thus, I will occasionally write about you. If I’m writing about you it means you have some kind of importance and/or influence on my life and that means you’re special. I know you may not always want be in a post and I promise to consider this when writing but from time to time, you’ll inspire a blog…and honestly, it could always be worse…

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