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Girls Season 2:E03 Bad Friend Recap


*Let me start by saying that if this episode wasn’t a testament to good writing, acting, directing, and production, then I don’t know what is. Now let’s get to it.

We open with Hannah on an interview for a freelance writing assignment for some internet company with a person named Jame (oh you know this will be good). Upon Hannah’s asking if there’s anything Jame would like her to write about specifically Jame gives Hannah two wonderful options: a Craigslist threesome or do some cocaine and write about it. And thus, we have our episode.

After Hannah’s awkward job interview we catch up with Jessa, Shoshanna, and Marnie having a garage sale outside Shoshanna’s place. Hannah has come to ask important questions of Jessa, “Jessa do you know where I could procure some cocaine today?”  Much to Hannah’s surprise Marnie suggests that Hannah just ask their junkie downstairs neighbor for cocaine. Hannah doesn’t seem too thrilled with the idea because “he looks like he has leprosy” but when left with no other choices, she goes to visit the neighbor and secures herself some coke.


*It’s worth mentioning that he’s now a recovering addict and tries to stop Hannah from doing drugs

While Hannah is getting herself some drugs so she can write an epic internet article we join Marnie at her hostessing job where who does she run into?? Jonathan Booth (that artist guy from season 1 that she lusted after)! After a few minutes of witty banter Marnie walks out of her job with Booth after he tells her that they’ll be having sex later. Ummmmm OK. After creepy moments with Marnie and Booth we go back to Hannah and Elijah who are picking out outfits for their fun cocaine filled adventures. Seriously? Ha. And who have both made the executive decision that even though it’s only 4 PM, they can begin their drug filled adventure.

*The banter between Elijah and Hannah while at their apartment and on the coke is HILARIOUS.

While Hannah and Elijah are heading downtown to do God knows what, Marnie and Booth (who I will now refer to as the short creepy artist man) are back at his place and looking at all his disturbing art. I don’t even know how to describe this dude’s apartment but there are dolls heads, dolls houses filled with murder scenes, and a giant TV contraption thing that he locks Marnie in and I’m pretty sure she comes out brainwashed.


After leaving the confines of short creepy artist man’s house we join Hannah and Elijah and some club where it would appear everyone is on something? OK, this is where the episode went from regular awesomeness to perfection. The way the club scene was filmed, the music, the acting, everything was so perfect. You honestly feel like you’re with Hannah and Elijah on this drug induced adventure and that is some brilliant TV.

*We join Marnie and short creepy artist man back at his house for an awkward sex scene but I can’t write about it because it was creepy and I hate him; so back to Elijah and Hannah…

Hannah and Elijah are seriously having what appears to be the most fun at a club that anyone has ever had when Elijah decides that cocaine makes him want to share things with Hannah…like the fact that he slept with Marnie.  Uh Oh…

Hannah immediately texts Marnie to find out where she’s at and before heading to confront her stops at a drugstore of some kind with Elijah who walks in yelling “I need supplements!”, IDK, maybe this is what people on drugs do? However, while in the drugstore we get a fun surprise; “Laird” Hannah’s downstairs junkie neighbor has been following her and Elijah this whole night to make sure she was OK. When asked why he was following her Laird replied “to protect you, like the mom in extremely loud and extremely close” and then starts crying about buying Hannah drugs. Ha. This is so utterly ridiculous and yet amazing. After bonding over drug deals, erratic behavior, and creepy stalking all 3 of them end up heading to short creepy artist man’s house to confront Marnie.


The confrontation between Hannah and Marnie was kind of sad and epic. It basically consisted of Hannah telling Marnie all these pent up feelings she’s had about her and that she was the bad friend. Hannah just kept yelling over and over at Marnie that she was the bad friend and Marnie runs off crying. The fight between these two was so brilliant because of the writing and the acting in the scene. It was not just a regular fight between friends, you could almost feel the pent up aggression that Hannah had and it was so awkward to watch. I felt like I was in the room with them.

After Marnie runs to short creepy artist man’s bathroom, Hannah yells at Elijah that he has to move out and he flat out refuses so Hannah leaves the house of short creepy artist man and heads home with Laird, the ex-junkie. So how does the episode end? With Hannah and Laird making out outside his doorway and Hannah saying “this is just for tonight” and Laird repeating “Oh my God” over and over again.  


Overall Feelings:

I miss Jessa! I assume that considering the crappy job they did hiding her pregnancy in episode 2 that it was just easier to have less of her in this season but I do miss her. Aside from that, FREAKING LOVED this episode. The music, the acting, the directing, the way it was filmed, it was all so brilliant and perfect. One would think an episode about a drug filled adventure wouldn’t have any depth but there were so many different things happening with Marnie and her character development and Hannah and Elijah. I loved this episode, A LOT. I’m really happy with the addition of Elijah and I’m interested in seeing if Booth is going to stick around, because I hate him. I have grown more and more impressed with every episode this season and really can see the growth in this show. I do love it.

Favorite Quotes:

"Or do a whole bunch of coke and just write about it."- Jame to Hannah

"So the magic happens outside your comfort zone?"- Hannah

"oh yeah totally, all the junkies in my building totally hangout by the mailboxes"- Shoshanna

"Let’s see how do I articulate this properly but I need some cocaine and I know that you’re a junkie and I don’t want you to think that I’m judging…"- Hannah

"I love when young people are passionate about something and they just give up the second they have to struggle."- Booth

*that is so incredibly true and such a wonderful quote*

"I wanna get married wearing a veil and I wanna taste like 15 cakes before I do it."- Hannah

"It is my greatest dream to have sex with myself and also my biggest nightmare."- Hannah

"I do really hate when you wear your nipples out in public like that." -Elijah to Hannah

"He’s not a junkie you were misinformed, he’s clean and he’s basically my guardian angel."- Hannah

"One can go their whole life wearing nothing but shorty shorts and offend almost nobody."- Hannah

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