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Girls Season 2:E01 It’s About Time Recap

 Major Thought During the premiere: BUT WHAT ABOUT HANNAH & ADAM?!?!


The episode opens with Hannah in bed with her ex from college/now gay/new roommate, Shoshana cleansing her apartment of evil spirits and wishing for Ray’s life to fall apart?, and Marnie being fired (and can I just say that Marnie’s whole look during this scene is perfection, PERFECTION.)…so already you know this episode is going to be good. 

And then the shocker of all shockers, a black person on the show, that black person is Donald Glover, and that black person is screwing/dating Hannah??? My first thought was “YAY A BLACK PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and my next was “Where the HELL is Adam??” Well I didn’t have to wait too long because in the very next scene we join Hannah at Adam’s place…only Hannah isn’t there romantically, she’s there to help him because she feels bad that he got hit by a bus. 

We spend some fun *read awkward* time with Hannah and Adam where Hannah basically explains to Adam again that they aren’t together but it would seem that Adam is in some kind of denial about this. Can I just take a moment to say that it’s really freaking annoying that she’s just all of a sudden decided she doesn’t wanna be with Adam after I watched her chase after him for an entire season?


Elijah and Hannah decide to throw a house party where a lot of random ass/hilarious things happen. This includes awkwardness between Marnie and her ex, who by the way is HOT, Shoshana awkwardly singing Sean Kingston and trying to avoid Ray…then hooking up with Ray, Elijah’s boyfriend getting extra drunk and crazy on the karaoke mic, a mini breakdown from Marnie while she has a heart to heart with Hannah, and so much more. Hannah ends up leaving the party to go take care of Adam because I guess she’s his handmaiden now? And that ends up being its own horribly dramatic scene.

This scene was so awkward and weird to watch because it basically involved Adam begging Hannah to be with him. He actually tells her he can’t live without her and the entire time I was watching it I was trying to figure out what the hell happened during this season break! I don’t really feel like they ever make it clear what the hell happened between Hannah and Adam and I suppose that was what the writers were going for but still, odd. The scene ends with Hannah yelling that she never wants to see Adam again and storming out; seriously, so odd. And then we get to the most awkward part of the entire show…


Marnie and Elijah hooking up. I can’t even. I don’t want to get into all of it but let’s just say it involves, a drunken duet on the karaoke machine, some compliments to stroke the ego, and a random decision to hook up. It should be noted that the banter between these two before their hookup is hilarious!!!! I still don’t know how or why it happened but it did and it was bad. They both end up freaking out, Marnie heads to the ex’s apartment because she just needs a cuddle (whatever), we FINALLY see Jessa and her husband back from their honeymoon and heading home, and Hannah heads to the black dude’s (I really need to remember his name) house and that’s how the episode ends. 

Main Feeling After the Show: 

They gave me nothing and I liked it. I feel as though a bunch of stuff happened during the off season (in TV land of course) and it’s going to play out nicely over the course of this season. I’m also interested in what Marnie will be like now that her life is less than perfect and where Donald Glover’s character is going to fit into the show. I did/do have a soft spot in my heart for Hannah and Adam so I’m still holding out hope for that. My highlights were the WONDERFUL one liners from Elijah (so happy to see his character growing), the awesome writing, Shoshana’s crazy, and the styling. The episode was styled impeccably. I can’t wait to get into the rest of the season! I’ll probably be recapping every episode so stay tuned!

Favorite Quotes:

"Well when you love someone you don’t have to be nice all the time."- Adam

"Do you miss your hymen".- Elijah to Shoshana 

"Does anyone have a Klonopin?"- Elijah

"What’s wrong with emojis?!?!?!?!??!"- Shoshana to Ray

"I could never be a gay man. I hate giving blow jobs and having anal sex…I assume. I’ve never had anal sex."- Marnie !!!!!!! This was maybe one of my favorite quotes ever.

The computer tells me you unfriended me on Facebook”- Ray

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