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I'm Brittany; blogger, avid reader, and Ryan Gosling enthusiast. Brit Brit Land is the dream world that encompasses the fantasy world I live in. I share images of fashion and street style I love, quotes that speak to me, and the occasional blog post to share my feelings. You can find all my blog posts on the side of the page under "written posts". Brit Brit Land is the place where all the random things I love can be found, enjoy!
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This Beyonce GQ Cover…


A$AP Rocky and Florence Welch new song 

Katherine Webb


Katherine Webb is Miss Alabama USA. Katherine Webb dates the QB for Alabama. Katherine Webb is really hot. The end.

Catching Fire Pics and Information


I am less than thrilled with Finnick but I was also less than thrilled with Peeta so whatever. I guess I’ll just have to be happy that at least I don’t hate Jennifer Lawerence as Katniss. If you click the link above you can see pieces of the article and another pic.



JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS MAKING A NEW ALBUM!!!! I don’t think y’all understand how I’ve been longing for a new album from Justin and stalking his life and now the news has arrived that a new album is on the way with a new single tomorrow!!!!!! Yes lawd, yes. 

Ke$ha’s C’Mon video…

I love this song and was hoping either this or “I Only Wanna Dance With You” would be her next single so I’m very happy that this made it! I also kind of love the complete and total madness of this video.

Girls is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So much TV has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girls, Shameless, Vampire Diaries, Scandal, etc… I’m a TV junkie but I feel like it’s OK because I read a lot too! Ha. Still, I’m most excited about Girls and Shameless returning Sunday!!!

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