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Wildfox Does a Clueless Collection and I Died (In a Good Way)

I love Clueless. I assume you love Clueless. We all love Clueless. So obviously when the folks over at Wildfox decided to do a SS 13 collection inspired by the movie Clueless, I nearly died. First of all let me say that while I had issues with a couple of key outfits the interpretation of that movie and the way it manifested with this collection was as close to perfection as I think you can get. Secondly, the models they picked were PERFECT. You can read more about the collection at the Wildfox site. 

“When Amy wrote Clueless, the current fashion was grunge. Her vision for the film was to show the rich, upscale high school girls of Beverly Hills. The costumes were to be like characters in the film. Grunge was dark and sad so the color palette was very important to Amy. The clothes needed to be very bright and fun. I wanted the girls to be girls again, with over-the-knee stockings and Mary Jane shoes. We wanted to change the current look that was on the street and show teens how to have fun with clothes.”

Interview with costume designer Mona May, by Frankie Mathieson 2010

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