Jan 9, 2013

Just An FYI

When I started this blog it was because I enjoy writing and have a lot to say and figured, what the hell! Then it went in a direction of dating/relationships/rants about guys because that’s what my life was about and that’s what came easiest to write. I found myself feeling like a young Carrie Bradshaw typing away on my laptop about bad dates and stupid guys and how much men sucked. And then I started talking to someone and that turned into a relationship and now I have nothing to write about!

I didn’t realize how much of my writing focused on rants about guys but I guess it’s a lot more than I thought so now I’m stuck! What the hell do I write about? I thought I could be like Hannah and write about my fun adventures and life as 20 something trying to figure things out but I’m not trying to figure that much out, I’m not as witty as Hannah from Girls, and I’m not really having that many adventures…that I want to share anyway, so again, WHAT DO I WRITE ABOUT!?!?

So please bear with me while I attempt to find out which direction this blog will go in this year! I’m kind of excited about it though. It’s nice to have a new year and my blog on a new site and a new direction for it go in and the circumstances for why I no longer have to rant about guys are nice too. :) I do have some ideas that I think will be fun but I’m still deciding when to implement them. Soooooooo for the people who followed my blogger blog please enjoy this time of sporadic written posts but lots of pretty pictures and for the people who followed my Tumblr only please take a minute to search “blogs/blogging” and read through some of my written posts too. I know pictures are fun but occasionally I say something clever/witty/worthwhile. Ha. 

Oh and friends, feel free to share your dating stories with me so I can write about them! Haha. And if you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see on the blog let me know!