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28 Years and This is What I’ve Got to Show for It

It is most definitely a privilege to grow old.

Don’t get me wrong, I will throw a fit about my youth and wonder where the time went and throw myself a pity party while sobbing about my old age (yes, I’m dramatic) but at the end of the day, growing old is a privilege. It is not a right to grow old and a lot of people never get to do so, so respect and acknowledge the fact that you are getting to do so. You can still long for the days of your youth but never forget that you’ve earned those wrinkles and those stories you get to tell and that’s kind of awesome in its own way.

Love May Not Be All You Need BUT Friends Sure Are 

Find a good core group of people you know will always be there for you and love them, hold them dear, surround yourself with them, and appreciate them because friends are important. Friends are cool because you choose them, they choose you, the universe finds them for you, or whatever. They aren’t forced upon you like family and that makes them super special. Throughout these past couple of years I’ve found some truly amazing people that I will forever be grateful for and hope to have in my life for a long time.

Sleeping In and Partying All Week Are a Thing of the Past

Yes my friends, if you are in that wonderful 21-25 age range, enjoy all the wonderful perks that go along with it because as you get older, it will slowly change. Sleeping in is something I talk about fondly as an aspect of my past that I can’t seem to get back now. I most definitely get excited if I can sleep past 9:30 when I used to sleep until 1 or 2 in college (those were the days). As far as partying goes, I can still rage if I need to but the thing is, I don’t want to do it really and when I do, I feel it. I can’t party all weekend and I usually want to climb into bed and go to sleep by 9 or 10. You feel the aftermath of a couple of nights of partying much more at this age than you do at 22.

30 isn’t really as old as you think it is.

I always had it in my mind that 30 was this magical age where your entire life comes together and you are officially old and an adult. You should be married, have kids, have a house with a picket fence, dogs, etc… and everything should be perfect. Yeah, that’s not true at all. Ha. It’s amusing because I’ve found that people around 21-22 think that magical age where they’re old is 25 and I guess once I hit 25 I thought it would be 30 but now that I’ve turned 28, I doubt that is the case. I know so many people in their 30s and most are still single and still having fun like I do now. I’m not sure when the moment comes that people decide it’s time to settle down but the older I get, the less I think it has anything to do with an arbitrary age.

The Older You Get, The Younger You Feel

Aw the sweet irony of aging. When you are young you want nothing more than to get older and when you are old you want nothing more than to be young. It isn’t so much that I long for the days of being 21 because I really like my life right now and I wouldn’t want to go back but I also don’t feel 28. I want to play (for lack of a better word), I want to have fun, be silly, watch Disney movies, stay up all night, go dancing etc… I don’t feel like an adult, I don’t think I’ve got my life figured out and I think that’s probably a sign of maturity actually. I am nowhere near as grownup as I thought I would feel at this age and I think that’s kind of nice. I’m older but I swear I’m still an 8 year old on the inside. 

That Biological Clock is REAL

Yes! I thought this was a myth but it’s true. Around the time I turned 27 kids started looking a lot cuter to me and I started thinking about how fun it would be to have some. I think it’s definitely gotten worse and my biological clock is definitely starting to tick. However, a couple of days ago I had to listen to a newborn baby cry for 5 minutes straight and I wanted to rip my ears off and I think my ovaries shriveled up and died…so I guess I’m safe for a while longer.

Expand Your Group of Female Friendships

Making friends is hard, especially with women and especially once you get older, but expanding that group of acquaintances/friends is very important. I think a lot of times we stick with our core group and don’t venture outside of it and I’ve gotten to know some new people this past year that I’m glad are in my group now. Also, married and/or older women are your friends, single ladies! They provide an interesting perspective because they’ve basically been there and done that. 

Make No Apologies for Being YOU

I feel as though I spent a great deal of my youth thinking I should make some kind of apologies for aspects of my personality that a lot of people don’t understand or don’t mesh with and then one day I woke up and decided F THAT! Let me tell you, it was wonderfully liberating. I don’t know if it came with age or a group of people in my life that at the very least accept me and love me for who I am but I am no longer willing to make any kind of apologies for being me. This is Brittany and if you like it, that’s wonderful but if you don’t, I give absolutely zero f*cks about it.

And a few other things I’ve picked up along the way…

There are way too many good books for people not to read more.

Men really think they know everything about women…they know very little.

When you’re ready to stop dating assholes, you’ll stop dating assholes but until then, enjoy them because they’re usually really, REALLY, hot. 

No one’s life is as great as they want you to believe on social media. 

The Hills and Sex and the City can be watched on a semi regular basis over and over and over again.

Reality TV shall be our downfall and I’m entirely sure none of us care.

People will never master the you’re/your issue and I will never be OK with that.

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