Dec 20, 2012

Neurotic Ramblings Part 84621623256

I believe the world is ending tomorrow, or tonight at midnight, I’m not entirely sure and I felt that I should write some poignant/deep/thought provoking post about life. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it’s all bullsh*t, I didn’t feel like getting philosophical today, and I really wanted to do a “neurotic ramblings” post. It’s my blog, I’ll ramble if I want to.

First of all…

This cover is all you need to see in life before the world ends tomorrow. Perfection.

If you have not watched the series finale of Gossip Girl and you plan to, please stop reading now, STOP READING NOW.

Are you still reading? You’re sure you want to see?  OK then…

HOW IN THE HELL WAS DAN GOSSIP GIRL? What in the actual hell were these people thinking. That’s absurd, absurd. There is just really no way that Dan could be Gossip Girl. I don’t care what anyone says. And then when you go back and think about all the sh*t Gossip Girl said about them and especially Serena, what???? It’s just insane to me. I can’t. I was so upset by that. That show has been on a downhill spiral for some time and that pretty much sealed the deal. And then Nate is running for Mayor of NYC? And Dan and Serena end up getting married? What the hell, WHAT THE HELL.


Basically, that finale was trash.

I am completely obsessed with The Saturdays and cannot wait for them to take over the US. That being said, it’s not so much the music I’m obsessed with as I am, their style!


This will always be, to me anyway, the best opening scene of any TV show, ever.

I find it strange how many girls are willing to take naked/half naked pictures on Instagram/Twitter/and now even Facebook just for attention. It’s both creepy and sad. Stop ladies.

Sprinkles cupcakes should really consider bringing back the s’more cupcake because it was pure perfection.


The Frank Ocean hype this year was a lot and if you ask me…a bit undeserved. Look the kid is fine and all but to be perfectly honest, I never really even heard his name until his open letter on Tumblr was posted and everyone jumped on the is he or isn’t he gay bandwagon. 

Who is Courtney Stoddin? Where did she come from? Is that even how you spell her name? How do we get rid of her? So many questions.

Pinterest is one of the strangest/most fascinating/scariest things ever. 

Twitter spam makes me sad.


I’ve always been more partial to Poppy Delevigne than Cara and I don’t understand how Cara became the model. This is of no real importance but I honestly think about it more than you probably should. Ha.

Kim Kardashian’s style has gotten progressively worse as time has gone by, mainly since she started dating Kanye and he turned her into a female version of him. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus chopped off that little bun and her style has evolved perfectly.

Donald Trump is silly.

Speaking of Donald, it’s odd that Miss USA won Miss Universe last night, that pretty much never happens. That being said, loved her dress.

Jesse Williams is really hot and funny on Twitter…and speaking of Twitter, @ChrissyTeigen is really good at it.

It is not fair that Megan Fox had a baby less than 3 months ago and now looks like this…

It really bothers me when people use metaphors and analogies incorrectly to try and prove a point, this happens a lot. 

I feel as though people on Facebook overestimate the amount their online friends care about their unborn child. To be clear, we care very little. 

If the world does make it to 12/22, can men please stop wearing flip flops?

And lastly…

I’ve found that a lot of people keep saying that they can’t wait for 2012 to be over because it’s the worst year they’ve had and I simply cannot agree. Yes, bad things have happened (but that isn’t unique to 2012) but for the most part, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what this year had to offer me. I’ve strengthened some friendships, made some great new ones, found someone who I think may actually get me, written some great blog posts, had some good nights, and genuinely enjoyed myself. So while the year is almost over and I can’t wait to see what next year has to offer me, I won’t say anything but good things about 2012, it’s been a very nice year. 

Oh and one more thing, does anyone know what exactly one wears to an end of the world party? I’m convinced it should be a mix of Lady Gaga meets prom queen…whatever the hell that means!