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Kelly Cutrone Quotes


"All girls should have an affair with a French guy. It’s a great way to learn the language and it’s a great way to get banged." 

"Scare the shit out of her but don’t do it in email or do it in writing."

"You have to be prepared for people to hate you. Average people love being average because no one bothers them."

"This business is made up of freaks and followers and if you wanna be a freak that’s great but you pay the price."

"Now is not the time to be scared now is the time to be full of courage."

"You may wanna kiss her on the cheek put a gun to her back and make sure she stands up straight."

"The truth doesn’t always come like a shiny bluebird on someone’s shoulder…the truth hurts."

And this one is just perfection

"I’m a really big believer that we all have this voice inside of us, and that voice is God talking to us, and we are all magical, and we all have something as specific to do as our fingerprint. And everybody should go out and do that. And I think between the ages of 15 and 32, don’t worry about getting married, don’t worry about settling down, don’t worry about having a baby. Give birth to yourself."

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