Dec 4, 2012

So About This Whole “Ho/Hoe” Thing

Sigh, Rob Kardashian was dating Rita Ora. Rob Kardashian was dating Rita Ora and they broke up. Rob Kardashian was dating Rita Ora and then they broke up and he accused her of cheating on him with 20 dudes and then…all the dudes of Twitter began sharing their thoughts on women and “hoes”. Sigh, SIGH. I don’t know why I let the rantings of men boys of Twitter bug me so much but there are some things that I just can’t ignore. First, let us address the grammar.

A “hoe” is a garden tool. A ho, is the alleged promiscuous woman that most of you speak of, so please stop writing hoe. A couple of guys argued this with me on Twitter but there really isn’t an argument. Slang is one thing but changing the meaning of an already recognized word and making it fit your definition is not acceptable; the end. 

Now, on to the task at hand, the idea of the “ho”. When did the men of the land become the ones in charge of determining the specific point at which a woman becomes a ho? Is there some system for determining the level of a woman’s promiscuity? Are all the men you sleep with really working for a secret organization that collects data for this group of men? I have so many questions! Furthermore, why do men feel so free to discuss a woman’s sex life? I’m sure that every person has their own standards of what they deem to be “promiscuous” but I’ve noticed (at least on Twitter) that the ones yelling the loudest about these standards are men…and it’s always directed at women. The double standard isn’t new but it seems to be a bit more in your face and I seem to have lost the minuscule amount of patience I had left to deal with it.


I’ve never been able to figure out that fundamental difference between a man being “cool” and a woman being a “ho” and perhaps I’m just dense or not paying attention or maybe, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. Slutty behavior is slutty behavior regardless of the sex of the person doing said behavior and the entire concept of slutty behavior is subjective and kind of irrelevant. And the irony, the sweet, sweet irony, is that in this situation, no one seems bothered by the fact that Rob Kardashian cheated numerous times on his former girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon. So perhaps this is less Rita being a “ho” and more Rita being KARMA…but whatevahhhhhhh, that ain’t my business.

It would seem that we can’t win for losing with you gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) and I must admit that it’s kind of getting old. We’re either prudes or sluts and there doesn’t seem to be any in between. And in a society where men praise the video “ho”, “side chick”, have phrases like “hos stay winning”, and generally shy away from a girl who wants any kind of commitment before giving up her “goodies” (to immediately go for the easier girl), I personally find the hypocrisy hard to stomach. We (yes, the women are included for letting it happen) created a society where virtue isn’t celebrated and morals/values are part of a generation that we don’t belong to and with this kind of society, we’re kind of all “hos”. 

We may not all be physically promiscuous but we all either partake or accept the behavior and I’m not entirely sure that one is any better or worse than the other. So men boys, please stop. Stop calling women hos, stop holding us to a level of acceptable behavior that you yourselves don’t seem to subscribe to, stop dissecting the levels of “ho-dom” (not a word, I know) that you think we all fall under, basically, stop being such complete and total hypocrites.