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If You Want a Michelle, Starting Acting Like Barack

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So last night was the DNC and let’s just say, the Democrats were not playing around (Julian Castro needs to get himself ready for a presidential run, if you ask me). The highlight of the night was Michelle Obama’s speech about hard work, struggle, love, and equality for everyone, and while that speech was awesome and I love a good political talk, but that is not what this post is about. This post is about what happened (on Twitter) AFTER Michelle’s speech.

You see, A LOT, of young men took to Twitter to begin expressing their feelings about how Michelle saw the potential in a young Barack Obama and stuck by his side through it all and apparently now, all women want is money, money, money; hm, OK. Where should I begin with this? My first issue is that most of the tweets on the subject were from men basically acting like Barack Obama was a bum off the street when Michelle found him and yet, she still loved him. No, I don’t think so. Barack Obama was a charismatic, handsome, Harvard educated man; I don’t know many women who would turn that down. He had goals and dreams and wasn’t content to just sit around and let life pass him by. I’m fairly certain most women would appreciate those qualities in a man so I don’t understand the idea that if women found a man like that, they wouldn’t stick with him through tough times?

More importantly, and please listen carefully gentlemen, the notion that the majority of women are only interested in extremely successful men is utterly ridiculous. Last night I tweeted that most women would stick by a man even if he had nothing and we don’t need a bunch of fancy things…the problem is, boys all want hos.  You see, guys (and please understand that these are generalized terms but for the most part, I’d say this applies to at least 80% of men) don’t want the Michelle Obama/Jackie Kennedys of the world, they want the Marilyns and Joselines of the world.

To be clear, I’m speaking of the group of women I know (because we are all like this), are completely uninterested in how much money a guy has. Yes, I said we are completely uninterested, shocking I know. We all have jobs, a lot of us have degrees, and we simply don’t NEED to go after a man because of his wealth. Don’t get me wrong, if I happen to meet a guy that I genuinely like and grow to love and he’s rich well that’s just the icing on the cake but honestly, I’d be more inclined to date a guy because he was tall and hot than because he was rich. I think that makes me more of a shallow person than a gold digger? Ha! Women just want someone that has goals, no I don’t want to sit around on your couch while you smoke all day, no I don’t want to support you, no I don’t want to deal with your different “baby mamas” and I think that’s perfectly fine. However, if you happen to love me, get my special brand of crazy, and work at McDonald’s, that isn’t going to stop me from dating you!!! And why should it???

So like I said, most women are content to be with a dude regardless of what he has. We don’t need fancy gifts, we don’t need fancy restaurants, I’d be perfectly content to sit on a couch with the guy I currently like and do nothing but bask in the fact that I’m completely infatuated by him…and if he could occasionally feed me cupcakes, that would be great too. You see, a good amount of you gentlemen ruin your chances at having a Jackie or Michelle because you’re too busy chasing after hos, yes I said hos. A girl with standards and goals no longer seems appealing because we worship the hos of the world (Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, the various strippers Drake has made famous, etc…) and then you all sit around and wonder why you can’t find a Michelle? Well let me tell you why, because YOU DON’T WANT A MICHELLE.

I hate to break it to you but the Michelle Obamas of the world are looking for relationships, not hookups. We (and yes, as an educated, young, black woman with goals, I include myself in this statement) are looking for someone who appreciates what we have to offer. We don’t home wreck, we aren’t going to be the side chick while you date a bunch of girls, we aren’t content to sit around and let you act like a fool while we quietly sit on the sidelines and support you. If you actually listened to the speech last night you heard her explain all the amazing qualities about Barack Obama that made her fall in love with him. Barack stepped up and acted like a man and in return, he got a good woman; it is honestly that simple.

Stop going around saying women won’t be down for you when you have nothing, because honestly, that’s bullsh*t. Girls have our issues, we most certainly aren’t perfect but most of the ones I know have dated jobless, car-less, living at home with parents, sharing a house with a ton of dudes, in the middle of careers, and every other type of guy you can think of and we have no problem with it. We (and again, I’m speaking of people I know, myself included) just want to find a good man. We all have different definitions of what that is but in the end, if you find one, nothing else really matters. The notion that a woman won’t love you if you’re going through something tough or a transition in your life is kind of a cop out, if you ask me. Y’all say that because you aren’t ready or simply don’t want to be in relationships and that’s fine…but don’t then blame it on the fact that women are only interested in status and money because most of us aren’t. The easiest way to break it down would be to say this…

If you want a Michelle Obama, I suggest you start acting like Barack.

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