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If you don’t know who Jenny Johnson is, Google it, I’m unwilling to provide a link or give any background information about her because I think she’s an attention hungry, fame whore, who trolled her way into 200,000 followers. I assume that by now (if you have Twitter) you know who she is and that she basically has trolled Chris Brown’s account nonstop since the beginning of 2011 and all of this culminated in an epic showdown this weekend. The short story is, Jenny went out of her way to harass Chris Brown AGAIN and then Chris actually replied this time and all of this lead to a ridiculous blowup and Chris deleting Twitter and Jenny receiving death threats and I guess through all of this I’m supposed to think Jenny is a victim…except I don’t. 

You know, Twitter is full of crazy folks and she’s not the first person to receive a death threat. Have you ever said anything bad about One Direction of Justin Bieber? Those fans will plot your death and go insane on you and no one ever says anything about that. Furthermore, I’m not entirely sure how someone who went out of her way to troll someone for a year+ and then finally got a reaction should be considered a victim. Why exactly is she the victim? What did he do to her except go off on her…after she so “cleverly” made the point that he had anger issues? His fans are obviously certifiable but he’s not really in control of them so I don’t see how he’s to blame for that.

Look, I don’t care about Chris Brown. I think he’s a child who needs to be in timeout 80% of the time and he’s always screaming for attention, he clearly has anger issues, and he’s an abusive asshole but that being said, the woman he abused seems to have forgiven him so why the hell am I supposed to be mad? Also, have we forgotten the Mike Tyson’s and Charlie Sheen’s of the world? The other celebrities who y’all seem to have forgotten did the same thing as Chris Brown but who apparently we’ve forgiven? I mean technically Chris completed his sentence and seemingly apologized to Rihanna so why the hell does he owe Jenny (or anyone else) an apology? Y’all don’t know Chris and you don’t have to like him but the constant harassment is kind of getting old.

And this brings me to Jenny. I seem to be getting a lot of heat from people on Twitter because apparently I’m to feel bad for Jenny and/or supposed to think she’s super clever and funny because through all this she’s gained 200,000 followers; hmmmm, not really. You’re supposed to be a comedian and a writer and the way you gained followers is by getting in a grade school Twitter battle with Chris Brown, sorry, that’s not really clever and it’s not all that funny. All of that aside, I’ll say that the fact that she’s getting death threats is a sad statement on our society but it doesn’t make me feel bad for her. You habitually harassed a young man that you yourself admitted has anger issues and then were confused when he responded in anger?

So just so we’re clear, I’m not Team Chris and I’m not Team Jenny, I’m Team I’m really sick of hearing about Jenny Johnson and I needed to rant. And while I could go on for days and days I’ll just give you these screenshots of tweets from Myles Brown that perfectly sum up my feelings. And it’s probably worth noting that Jenny hasn’t responded to these tweets at all, perhaps because there’s some truth to them….