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The Myth of Carrie Bradshaw


Over the holiday I did a lot of nothing which included a Sunday night of watching Sex and the City. Around the same time I was watching this I was perusing Twitter and found a tweet about the "Carrie Bradshaw Math" in which the writer discusses her rage over the fact that Carrie Bradshaw pretends to lead such an extravagant lifestyle as a New York writer. I found it to be a hilarious read but it also (along with all the Sex and the City episodes) got me thinking about the incredible lie that is “Carrie Bradshaw”. 

Look, each generation is fed its own unique pack of lies about life, dating, etc… and the one that strikes me as the most specific to our generation of women is the myth of Carrie Bradshaw (and to some extent, all her friends). What exactly did Carrie lie about? Ummmmmmmm, everything. Carrie lied about everything, y’all. I know this is going to be hard for you to accept so I’ll let you have a moment to let it sink in. Good? Good. 

Carrie taught women of a certain age ( I had been 19 all of a month when the series finale aired) all about dating. Well, not the real rules of dating but the rules you pick up here and there from the movies and TV shows about single women that you watch when you first start dating. And when I was younger I thought everything about Carrie was fabulous. Fabulous shoes, clothes, hair, friends, apartments, lifestyles, NEVER ENDING LUNCHES, and men…ohhhhhhhh the men. 

You see Carrie Bradshaw was kind of crazy y’all. Let’s see, she was in love with a guy who didn’t love her back. She kept going back to said guy after all the many many breakups. Her and her friends were still hopelessly running around NYC searching for men and going on bad date after bad date. They were drinking, having public fights, having affairs, having one night stands and generally behaving like any crazy/fun college girl would behave. Except for this one tiny problem, they were in their mid 30s when the show started and late 30s (early 40s for Samantha) when it ended. The way these grown women were behaving was absurd! That’s not how single women behave and that’s definitely not how you get men! And where is this endless supply of men anyway!?!?!?


So yeah you guys, I hate to break it to you but Carrie Bradshaw was a liar. She made you think that you didn’t need to learn how to cook as long as you had on a killer outfit. That even through ALL the never ending drama you’ll still end up with your one true love. That men will still want you even when you’re in your late 30s. That the average woman can afford to have a wardrobe full of designer clothes and just randomly get a job at Vogue (I can’t even). That men are really attracted to neurosis and just LOVE women with issues! That rent controlled apartments in NYC exist! That every breakup leads to a cleverly worded article. And the biggest lies of all…that there is an endless supply of single men to date. 

I’ve been running around attempting to have a Carrie Bradshaw life and then it hit me, that life doesn’t exist and I better try and capture a man while I can! Ha. So yeah, I’m a little bit angry with you Carrie B. You lied to me and it’s taken me 8 years to figure it out! The men aren’t endless, designer clothes are super freaking expensive, it’s REALLY hard to make it as a writer, and your entire life was just kind of a big lie. Still, you can rock a killer outfit, made me believe in the idea of a one true love, and moment you and Big reunited in Paris will always be one of my favorite TV moments so I guess I can forgive you. Well, I can forgive you for everything but one tiny thing…

Making us curly haired girls think that we could have fabulous curls in any weather condition and making your curly hairstyles look so effortlessly chic. Come on Carrie, from one curly haired girl to another, we all know that’s not true. 

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