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A while ago I did a post on some of the aspects of Facebook that bug me, mainly the relationship status changing. Well, it would appear that Brit Brit Land needs to share some more rules with you. These are simply things that will make you less obnoxious to your friends. Trust me. Here are the 5 things that are starting to drive me insane!!

8000 Posts a Day

OK, people, there’s one thing we all can agree on, Facebook is not Twitter. Twitter is for making those multiple updates of what’s on your mind throughout the day, Facebook, is not. If you have changed your status on Facebook over 3 times in 24 hours then I need you to sit down. If you have changed  your status over 3 times in 24 hours, uploaded a couple links, liked a bunch of pages, uploaded some videos, and posted around 5-10 pictures in less than 24 hours, seek some kind of treatment. I don’t fault anyone for posting whatever the hell they like on Facebook and I get that some days, you want to share a lot of stuff and that’s FINEbut, if this is your everyday on Facebook, stop.

Poking of Strangers…and Sometimes Friends

OK (I think I’m going to be saying that a lot this post), I get it, poking is cute and fun and flirty but come on people, poking strangers? That is so creepy. There has recently been a rise in strangers poking my friends and I and I’m a bit baffled about why. Poking is weird and in my opinion, is pretty much just a way of flirting with someone. (Don’t you love how social networks are the new dating sites? No? Me either…) I find it very odd that a complete stranger would see someone’s profile, half the time not even be able to see anything beyond a name and maybe a picture and then think to themselves “HEY!! I should poke this person!”, yeah, that’s weird, so stop.

The “I Have Tons of Friends…That I Don’t Know” Syndrome

Alright(see how I switched it up!?), you have like 1000+ friends, do you know these people? Are y’all close? Do you speak on a daily basis? Are you a celebrity? Well if the answer to most or all of those questions is no, please stop. There are people who simply want to add as many Facebook friends a possible and I assume these people have no real friends. I personally won’t add anyone that I wouldn’t want to have my phone number or know where I live. Basically I have a select amount of Facebook friends and it works for me. Oh and to the strangers, who I’m pretty sure are the same creepers poking people they don’t know, STOP. It’s not 2005, Facebook isn’t new, most people don’t add randoms anymore; let it go.

Your Kid Does Not Have Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sighhhhh, OK let me first say this, a lot of my friends have ADORABLE FREAKING KIDS but that doesn’t mean I want to see your kids all over my timeline.  My main issue with throwing pics of your kids all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… is that the internet is full of people you don’t know and some of those people *shocker* are creepy pervs! You have social media, you use it to connect with your friends and we will assume these friends are all adults, so really, you don’t need to have pics of your kids all over it. I get it, you love your kid. I get it, your kid is cute. I get it, it’s your Facebook. That being said, if you post nothing more than pics of your kids on your Facebook, you could probably just deactivate it…or maybe make them a fan page or something. And this brings me to…


FHOEUJRFANFELJHFIOjhef’jwf’JF’JGOWHNG’ANG’[AWOJG!!?!???!?!???!??! OK, good, I got that out. People, people, people, why do you think it’s OK to share with your Facebook friends that little Billy or Molly is constipated today? Just so we’re all clear, it’s not OK to share this, IT.IS.NOT.OK.TO.SHARE.THIS. Also, when little Billy or Molly goes “poo poo in the potty” for the first time, you don’t need to take a freaking picture! What is wrong with you!? I can’t even get into all the things that are wrong with this because it should already VERY obvious to you.

And no, this isn’t just my friends, these are stories from people I know from all over, not just my Facebook friends. I think we can all agree we know people who do some of these things and if you know someone who does all of them, you need to have an intervention. So please people, stop.Stop. STOP.