Nov 19, 2012 / 1 note

Kanye Taught Me…

I hate when people take a picture and tag it “no filter!!!” like that’s some kind of accomplishment.

I hate when boys wear flip flops. No really, I HATE WHEN BOYS WEAR FLIP FLOPS.

I hate when people try and get all righteous and political on Facebook and Twitter. This is because the righteous indignation is usually right next to a pic of them partaking in some kind of debauchery the weekend before.

I hate the smugness of people with iPhones.

I hate boys who subtweet.

I hate that October rolls around and it’s pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.

I hate white after Labor Day

Actually, I always hate white shoes.

I hate people that don’t properly pronounce the names of designer brands.

I hate when people text you multiple texts when they could have fit it all into one.

I hate when girls shave the side one side of their heads.

I hate when people say they’re “busy”.

I hate Uggs and shorts.

Actually, I hate Uggs always.

I hate when people decide to skip right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas decorations on October 1.

I hate acrylic nails.

I hate when people don’t know the difference between these…

I hate when girls wear flats with an outfit that needed heels.

I hate when girls can’t walk in heels.

I hate when it takes longer than 3 minutes for a person to text me back.

I hate small dogs, tattoos, and trucks.

I hate dudes on motorcycles.

I hate the surprised face Taylor Swift always makes when she wins.

I hate when people spell The Weeknd like The Weekend.

I hate the color green.

I hate when people turn Facebook into Twitter with their 8000 updates.

I hate when people call me.

I hate fur.

I hate fake handbags.

I hate that Justin Timberlake refuses to make new music.

I hate eyebrow piercings.

I hate bad weave.

I hate unnatural hair colors and contacts on people. 

I hate when people speak and write in grammatically incorrect sentences.

I hate when people take delicious things like cookies and put gross things like raisins in them. 

Lastly…I hate that he is not mine!!!!

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