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A Clever Title Goes Here

I guess this post is my way of saying sorry? I don’t know. Last night a dude told me that we’ve all got our own level of "batshit crazy" inside us and we just have to find the person who fits the best with our kind of crazy. This was right after someone else told me about how his ex girlfriend pulled the Cameron Diaz car scene from Vanilla Sky AND hit him with her car! SO you see, there is a bright side, I’m not THAT level of crazy. Ha. I guess what I learned from this is that “you and tequila make me crazy”? OK, not really, I just like to quote Kenny Chesney songs in the summertime…but maybe my phone should be taken away on random nights out with my girls…and maybe girls should stop sending dudes 93 texts in one night…and maybe being mean to someone is not the best way to get them to like you? I don’t know. Or maybe Marilyn was right and if someone can’t love you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best, and really, it’s that simple.

For what it’s worth, I am kind of moderately feeling something that resembles a sorry/somewhat regret the events that lead to the demise of our budding romance/happily ever after relationship that I totally built up in my mind. I still think you kind of owe me an apology though but I won’t be one of those people who apologizes in a way where I’m pretty much blaming you for everything. So I’ll just say sorry for my own version of “sending you 93 texts last night”.

"The only thing worse than being single in your 30s is being single in your 20s."- Sex and the City

*and like all my good, honest, cathartic rants, no attention was paid to grammar rules…thus, the giant paragraph. I also didn’t go back and proofread because I figured I’d probably take some stuff out. So here it is, in all it’s honest, rambling, a little sad, a little crazy, and dripping with hours of Sex and the City watching glory.

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