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At the beginning of the year I did a post on things that I found to be socially unacceptable and I think it’s about time I did another because it appears that things haven’t really changed!

The Friend Who Always Leaves the Snarky Comments

Sigh, SIGH. I have to sigh because I have a few people on my Twitter/Facebook who suffer from this problem. I know that occasionally a snarky comment is going to slip out (I mean hello, look who is writing this? I love being snarky!) but if you have something negative, sassy, backhanded to say about 50% or more of the posts that someone you are friends with/follow then you PROBABLY should just unfriend/unfollow them. The person posting doesn’t want to read your comments and I’d think that the person making all the snarky comments would get tired of it. And honestly, it’s just annoying and you look kind of pathetic. I mean you really have nothing better to do than make snide comments about almost everything you are “friends” with says? Odd.

Letting Your Bad Ass Kids Run Wild…in Public!!
Sigh, this is something that legitimately pisses me off because I know people with kids and their kids are usually awesome and well behaved but the bad kids that run wild are ruining it for everyone! Why are you kids on a college campus running around and yelling and why are your kids at a restaurant screaming bloody murder? I just have so many questions! None of this is acceptable and for some reason parents have all given up on discipline when it comes to raising your kids and we’re all going to pay for it, dearly, in about 15-20 years but until then, keep your bad ass kids at home.
WHY Am I Still Discussing Panty Lines!?!??!?!

Why am I still discussing panty lines with you ladies? They’re offensive and horrible and unnecessary!! That being said, this specific post is dedicated to two times that are more offensive than any others…1. panty lines with a skin tight dress and 2. panty lines with tights/leggings. Y’all, stop this now. They make a ton of seamless full coverage underwear over at Victoria’s Secret or you could just wear a thong etc… just stop it. It’s disgusting, ruins your outfit, and I personally am greatly offended by it.

Commenting on the Weight of Women

This is something that I take personally because as a thin person I get comments all the time on my weight. The picture above is one that Lady Gaga posted after she gained a couple of pounds (that I didn’t even notice) and the internet blew up with talk about her weight. Why????? I’ve noticed through Twitter that people, especially men, think it is perfectly fine to comment on the weight, size, shape of a woman and honestly, it is not. It’s so crass and completely unacceptable in my book, to sit and discuss the weight gain of a woman and/or how small she is. It’s socially unacceptable to tell a bigger person to stop eating but it’s perfectly fine to suggest a thin person eat more? That makes no sense. If the person is not your relative and you aren’t seriously concerned for their well being then you don’t need to be worrying about their size. The end.

Incessant Political Talk on Social Media

The one thing I took with me from this election was that A LOT of people are racists and a lot of people are idiots. Funny how those both go together. Anyway, Facebook and Twitter are pretty much tools for nonsense and fun and occasionally spreading news or lies that people make up (I’m looking at you Twitter) so when I get on there are people are seriously going on epic political rants, there is a problem. The 3 things you should never discuss with friends are politics, religion, and Tupac vs Biggie (TUPAC!!!) so let’s all make an effort to stop this on social media.

And to the idiots talking about “succeeding” from the union, IT’S SECEDE. Morons.