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White Girl Problems Review

My roommate suggested I read White Girl Problems and after reading a bunch of other books, and forgetting I even had this book, I figured I’d give it a try. When I opened the book and got the page where most people say this book is dedicated to family, friends, parents etc… I saw the picture above, from that point on, I knew I would love it. I have long been a fan of memoirs that are based off essays or personal stories about a person. Whenever these are written by admittedly spoiled, selfish, women, I love them more (Think Bitter is the New Black).

We start by meeting our author while she’s in rehab for spending almost 300k at Barney’s in 2 hours. Again, this was one of those points when I knew I would love her. From there we go through a bunch of different points in her life. We get stories from childhood, adulthood, teenage life, dating, etc… and they’re all equally hilarious. You get to meet her best friends, nanny, Tai Tai (grandmother), and other people who influenced her life. It was such an interesting journey into the life of someone that most people, upon first glance, would write off as completely ridiculous. While all the chapters wouldn’t seem like they would fit together, the way they are written, the book flows seamlessly. I was particularly drawn to the chapter titled “Sorry for texting you ninety-three times last night” aahahahahhahaha, OMG, love.

Two of my favorite chapters!

Aside from the hilarious stories that I’m pretty sure, every woman can relate to, Babe takes us on a fashion journey that any self diagnosed fashion obsessed girl would die for. I mean she’s wealthy, very wealthy, and the way she discusses the clothes she buys and wears gave me chills. Yes, real chills, stop judging me. FASHION.IS.IMPORTANT. Anyway, along with the hilarious story Babe also sketched outfits to go with some of the major moments in the book and in a strange way, the illustrations really helped the story. It was so nice to have something to look at when she’s describing this perfect outfit that went with a completely disastrous story.

Simply put, this book was amazing. It was funny, clever, relatable, and well written. I actually gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and out of the 180 books I’ve rated on there, I believe less than 10 have gotten that rating. I’m still unsure as to whether Babe Walker is completely fiction, completely real, or a nice mixture of both, but either way, I’m sold. It’s not everyday that I read a book and literally laugh out loud, so when that happens, I’m happy. So yes, I recommend it and by recommend I mean, GO READ IT NOW!!!!

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