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I'm Brittany; blogger, avid reader, and Ryan Gosling enthusiast. Brit Brit Land is the dream world that encompasses the fantasy world I live in. I share images of fashion and street style I love, quotes that speak to me, and the occasional blog post to share my feelings. You can find all my blog posts on the side of the page under "written posts". Brit Brit Land is the place where all the random things I love can be found, enjoy!
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Here in Brit Brit Land we encourage healthy obsessions on male celebrities (just stay away from Ryan Gosling), ranting, reading, eating as many cupcakes as humanly possible, and randomly speaking in Clueless quotes. I’m Brittany, I reside over Brit Brit Land and when I’m not busy hunting down Ryan Gosling, you can find me blogging about the ridiculously random/strange/amazing/annoying things that happen in your 20s.

I’m a fan of anything expensive and pretty, Ryan Gosling, Sprinkles red velvet cupcakes, Ryan Gosling, books, The Weeknd, and…Ryan Gosling. I prefer texting instead of talking, Chanel to anything else, Girls to Sex and the City, and deep fried treats to anything people would consider “healthy”.

Three major things you should know about me…I’m the sassiest person you will ever meet, no really, EVER. I’m a perfect mix of all the characters from Girls but I’m most like Hannah. I find this to be both fascinating and frightening. I once read somewhere that pink was for gangstas…and I adopted it as my motto for life.